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Curfew by Phillip Harris

curfewWhat is the book about?

War has raged for over 160 years, the reasons for the conflict long since forgotten. Violent gangs roam the streets of a city in chaos, preying on the innocent and the careless. Friends die. Family die.

But there are worse things in the darkness. Worse things beyond the curfew.

Is is a Series?

No, I don’t think it is.

How easy is it to read?

Very easy.


Karen’s Magic Review

A young boy sees his mother killed and as he looks at her dead body in shock, a war photographer snaps him. That picture goes viral. The author sets the scene and I found myself knowing exactly how that photograph would be used and indeed what it looked like. The boy grows up and in this new world it is hard to survive, but he does. The author gives some great descriptions of what life is like visually, and its as one would expect.

The twist, if you could call it that, or the hook that sparked my interest was when he found himself caught outside in the curfew and what he witnessed. I hadn’t expected that, and he certainly didn’t. I was fascinated and it was for that reason, I wanted more.

What I liked Best

I received this book for free from a site called Instafreebie. If you haven’t come across this excellent site yet, then I urge you to do so. It’s not just about free books, it’s about linking up with authors and getting a sneak peak into their work.

Had I not seen it on this site, I probably wouldn’t have found it and I’m glad that I did. Being a fan of The Walking Dead, it interested me, not that there is zombies or a virus in this story, it’s apocalyptic and something about the world starting again appeals to me

The other thing I liked best about this story is I didn’t have a lot of time and 23 pages of story appealed to me.

And the Rest

As much as a shorter story appeals, when it’s a good story, you feel like you want more, and that’s how I felt with this one. What happens when our main character find himself out during the curfew is shocking. It is not what I expected and it certainly isn’t what he expected to see!

Sometimes stories stay with you for a long while after you have read it, and this one did with me.

These are the links to Amazon, where you can find more from the author.
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But if like me, you would like to claim a free copy, then just click here!


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