Heads & Tales by Karina Kantas

htWhat is the book about?

It’s a collection of 29 different short stories.

Is is a Series?


How easy is it to read?


Karen’s Magic Review

Sometimes you need a rest from reading a full blown novel, especially if you read as many as I do. A collection of short stories is just the tonic to pick up and put down in between each other. Heads and Tales is perfect for that, plus it is also an enjoyable read having so many stories in one book. There is a wide range of different genres and I liked that. I could go from a love story where the hero lives in a castle and fights by the sword to a modern day vampire story all in the one book.

What I liked Best

Some stories are long, almost novella in length, others are very short and the reader doesn’t know what they are getting next. The surprise of suddenly coming to a long story after a very short one was refreshing.

Because of the variety, every reader will have their favourites, mine was Nobel Heart, but then I also liked Spooky, that was cleverly written. Novel Heart was a historical romance and I also loved Haunted by his Absence. Don’t be fooled by the titles because the last one is not what you think and Spooky even more so. Clever writing by the author.


And the Rest

I admit that some of the shorter stories I didn’t quite understand when I reached the last word, but it didn’t really matter. The story had explored an interesting world and the writing style is good.

For some reason, there weren’t any links from the index and quite often I found myself having to go through each page on my kindle to find what I wanted to look at again.

Overall, this book is great, I was going to say a great little read, but it isn’t small, it’s a big book that has lots to offer and explore.

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