Post Apocolyptic

The Last Iron Horse by Kristen Cannon

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(Kingdom of Walden Book 2)

Genre: Post Apocalyptic,  Adventure



With the corrupt Colonel to their east, and the slavers to their west, determined to both call Walden’s rich resources their own Derek, Sheridan, and Garrett have to act quickly to make sure their home isn’t the next to fall to the pressures from outside… and within.


After nearly being killed protecting Lively, Derek returns to Whitefish and learns Garrett was at the nearby High Falls. Still recovering from the injuries gained in Lively— with no guarantee of still finding his friend alive—he embarks on an expedition up to High Falls to find Garrett.

But finding Garrett ends up being the least of their worries when he discovers that the slavers to their west have an operating train with a clear path straight to the fledgling Kingdom of Walden’s heart–and to their new Queen.

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As the sun sank over the western horizon and the chill seeped into his body Aidan realized, Scratch that, I’m going to likely either starve to death, or die from exposure.

His water was already gone, as was the few bits of jerky he had on him. All his survival training and he could not get himself off the roof of the semi.

Aidan laid down on the trailer and watched the lion as it paced.

The cat should have had far more meat on its own bones, and he could easily count ribs on its frame. Teeth, long broken, could only eat easily chewed meals and it could not run after the best kills.

He and the lion were both playing a waiting game—one they both could easily lose.

“I feel for you, cat, I do,” said Aidan sadly, but the lion only yawned its indifference. “You’re starving, like me, and I’m the best thing you’ve had wander into sight in months, I’m guessing. The people around here are getting smarter and more dangerous… too dangerous for you to risk… but the other animals of this forest are too fast and cunning for you this late in life. There’s other predators out there competing and they’re a bit readier for this than you. But, unfortunately for you, I don’t intend on being your next meal. So, we’re at a stalemate.”

The next morning, groggy from the cold, hard roof being his only bed and weak from lack of food or water, Aidan lifted his head and saw the lion on top of one of the cars, and he was eyeing the hood of the semi-truck.

He had seen one of Sheridan’s cats do the same wiggle in the tail end as it gauged what it would need to do in order to make the jump…

About The Author

Kristan Cannon was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario and educated in North Bay and Toronto. She is a staunch supper of literacy, reading, and young writer’s programs. She also holds current membership with The Indie Writer’s Network and is a member of the NaNoWriMo Ambassador’s program.

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