Book, Post Apocolyptic

Finding a Book

I wanted to read an apocalyptic book, but it had to be in Kindle Unlimited and it had to be under 300 words.

Having just read two by Christopher Artinian’s I wanted something else with the same theme. So how do you find others books of that genre?

In the past, I’d read two by W. Michael Gear from The Wyoming Chronicles, and the third, now out was a possibility. But at 504 pages, it was too long.

I put apocalyptic in Amazon. Nothing that came up inspired me, or if it did, it didn’t fit my criteria.

In the end, this one came up on my Facebook newsfeed as an advert. At 294 pages, and in Kindle Unlimited, it seemed perfect, and it was superb. Review to come.

It’s a three book series and good to know I can move easily onto them.

Now, every advert in my Facebook newsfeed is about apocalyptic novels!

Check out Infection here.

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