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Book Review The Girl Who Left by Jenny Blackhurst

Where did I find it: it was recommended to me in an Anglesey Facebook group.

What I liked: the mystery and suspense. It’s the first whodunit I’ve read for a while. I liked how the killer was identified first, but then doubts set in. I also loved how it was set in Anglesey where I live and a little poetic license was used. There were two strong female leads, the detective, Maggie, and the murderer’s daughter, Kathryn. Finally, the red herrings kept me baffled right up to the end.

What I didn’t like: I wouldn’t have expected the book to contain errors with it being a famous author. Yet, I found a few, and one chapter even began with a random ‘s’ before the first sentence.

Overall: This is superb and well-written. Jenny Blackhurst is a fantastic storyteller. It wasn’t overly long at under 300 pages and kept the reader guessing all the way through. Just as I thought I’d worked out, I was wrong. Even when one of the main characters thought they knew, they didn’t. This book really keeps the reader guessing and when the truth is finally revealed is explosive.

I read another of Jenny Blackhurst’s books in 2016. It was called How I Lost You. I really enjoyed that, too.

Click on the image for my review.

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