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My Review of Fright Nights Big City by Mark Leslie

This is the fourth book in the series, and I absolutely loved it, a gripping and page-turning read for sure.

Michael turns into a werewolf several times in the book and to see him in his wolf form again was exciting.

Told in the first person we really get into how Michael thinks things through and then has internal conversations with himself. They are often amusing. This time he has a mission from the get-go. The plot is exciting and once more involves The Proud Fighters of America who are now taking over New York. They are a hate group who are vicious and nasty.

Michael also teams up with a man called Irwin who turns into a big grey wolf. I loved this character and he was a great addition with an interesting tale to tell.

Michael continues his love affair with Lex. I found this endearing and sweet. It made it especially interesting when his ex, Gail turned up. There are some awkward situations that made me chuckle and eager to see how it played out.

There is a lot of humour in this book, as well as paranormal, and a very exciting build up to one heck of climax. I literally could not stop reading as the unexpected kept rearing it’s head.

There is nothing that I can say I disliked. The cover matched book one and three and they looked part of the series. Each book seemed to get better, and the plot even more exciting.

Once more, the author took us behind the scenes of his story and how it fitted in with the rest of series. It was fascinating to learn about the research into the occult he had done and how he applied it to the story.

Lover’s Moon is the next one, but I was asked to read and review that sometime ago. Although it’s a great book, beautifully written, it’s the only one that isn’t standalone. I had no idea what was going on. Now at the end of this one, it makes sense. Although it also seems I misunderstood the secret they talked about. Sadly, I will now have to wait till March 2023 for the final book, which I’m excited for, and look forward to reading.

Fright Nights, Big City comes highly recommended for those who love a story with extraordinary characters that changes into a paranormal blockbuster. As with the previous books, it can be read as a standalone. The author is great at keeping the readers informed so we are not left wondering what happened before.

A well deserved five stars.

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