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My Review of Beyond Connections by Lynn Miclea

A Superb Collection!

I have read this author’s work before and enjoyed her writing style. The description appealed to me, and as the book was on pre-order it landed on my Kindle exactly when it was due.

I especially loved how all the stories were different from each other. They showed the connections between family and close friends. Each one had a challenging theme, but ended on a postitive note.

Not just that, I loved the diversity of the stories. Science fiction, romance, fantasy and a story from the Wild West. You don’t get many of those these days.

The only thing that threw me out of the story was that a character’s name changed from Jed to Jeb and I had to go back to check, thinking I was mistaken. I’ve no doubt that will be corrected, and it will still get the deserved five stars.

Favourite story? There were about three that I particularly liked but I’d have to say Inner Light. It was a take about loving yourself first, and self worth.

All type of fiction lovers will enjoy this book, and it’s fun trying to choose which was favourite read.


A heart-warming and powerful collection of short stories that explores family, friends, and close connections with others. This collection pulls you into the beautiful and exciting world of relationships as these vital connections touch us on incredibly deep levels, color our entire world, and affect who we are.

These stories bring you through extraordinary worlds of closeness, intimacy, abuse, dementia, grief and loss, inner growth, recovery, adoption, organ transplants, messages from beyond, opening to new love, and many more facets of family, relationships, and love.

Experience life through those who stand up to abuse, grieve the loss of a love, strive to protect a family, escape a hostile environment, rise above pain, learn to love who they are, get lost in the woods, find new beginnings, experience life beyond death, and discover passionate new love.

These stories and much more are in this exciting collection of stories about family, friends, and relationships. Get ready for moving and touching stories that will grab your heart, bring a world of intimacy and closeness, and leave you enchanted and craving more.

If you love heart-warming stories of relationships, new beginnings, inner growth, and deep connections, this is the book for you!

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