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A Review of Lover’s Moon by Mark Leslie and Julie Strauss

Karen’s Review

A friend suggested I read this book, but I was a little reluctant at first because it was Book 5 in a series. However, the more I read, the more I enjoyed it and glad I took the plunge.

The opening prologue was morose. Something bad had happened, and Michael, one of the main characters, had spent two weeks in bed and his girlfriend, Gail, stayed to look after him. Someone had died, but I didn’t know who. When chapter one started it went back in time six years to when the two first met. All would be revealed.

The relationship between Gail and Michael was so entertaining as they bounced off one another with great dialogue. I really enjoyed it. Especially because Michael, a successful writer, turned into a wolf when the moon was full. I loved how the chapters swapped, so we had Gail’s viewpoint and then Michael’s. He was trying to work up the courage to tell her who he really was. Something I waited for, and looked forward to.

The intrigue was Gail’s brother, Ben, who had taken a dislike to the affable Michael. I wondered if he somehow knew. It kept me reading and waiting with anticipation.

What I didn’t like, was that Michael didn’t tell Gail. Neither did I find out what Ben knew. Or who died at the beginning of the book.

The story leapt suddenly into an epilogue. It had moved forward six years, and I had no idea who anyone was or what was going on.

Clearly, this book is not meant to be read without reading the first four. Often it doesn’t matter as most things get explained, but it clearly didn’t with this.

The writing and storyline was terrific and enjoyable. For those who love a fantasy shifter series, will love this, as would I if I had started with the first book.


He’s an alpha wolf and a beta boyfriend.

She’s dated every monster in New York City.

It’s time for their Meat-Cute.

Michael Andrews, a Canadian living in New York, is learning to live with the side effects of lycanthropy. Other than waking up naked and bloody in Central Park once a month, he’s managing just fine. If only he could finish the book he’s supposed to be writing. If only he could find someone he trusted enough to tell the truth to.

Gail Sommers may not have her love life in order, but at least she’s smart about things that really matter. She runs the coolest occult shop in the city, and is a pre-eminent scholar of the occult. She’s made a vow of celibacy so that she can spend this year focusing on her work and her self-care. She’s even been hired to help out a very famous and very sexy horror author.

As a new era in the Canadian Werewolf saga begins, Lover’s Moon flashes back to the romantic and comedic story of how Michael and Gail met and fell in love back in the summer of 2011. Told through both Michael and Gail’s unique perspectives, it also explores Gail’s past, introduces new characters, and reveals some of the deeper secrets of both of their lives.

A special Canadian Werewolf tale co-authored by Mark Leslie and contemporary romance author Julie Strauss.

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