Children’s Stories

About a Book – The Adventures of Alex: Lemonade Wars by Lewis A. Howard

Introducing Lewis A. Howard


Where did the idea for the story come from?

The idea came from one of my fans, who suggested I write about a bully. Then I thought of a fun plot to add a third bully in one of my stories. It was a success.

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. 

 Lemonade for sale! 10 cents.

Give a short summary of what the book is about.

Alex and his friends come face to face with a bully, who is trying to stop them from selling lemonade. A price war and a bully who will stop at nothing to stop them. Who will win? Join the adventures to find out.

What genre is it?

A children’s story

How many pages is it?



This story was made from some of my childhood memories, my son and some imagination. This story is the second book of the series. May you enjoy and God Bless.


She started to fill up my swimming pool and placed it in the front yard so I could cool off. Then I heard from a distance. The sound getting louder and louder. I looked down the street and saw Sally running full speed. She was wearing a blue dress with football pads and no shoes. She reminded me of a caveman, and I have to say, she could run over someone twice my size. she became closer and leaped towards my swimming pool, yelling my name in mid air.

“Alex! Cannon ball!”  

Sally splashed into the water. The sun disappeared for a moment A wave of water hit me. I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth wide open. I started to shiver. I have to admit it was cold. Sally came up for air screaming with her arms above her head. Woot! Woot!     

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