The CupcakeCats Visit Yoota by Alexia Kanta

A great adventure with imaginative friends.

Karen’s Magic Review

This is a charming colourful book that says it is suitable for 6-18 year olds. I’m considerably older than that, and I liked it.

I particularly enjoyed the vivid colours throughout. Each page is written on a bright background, which enhanced the reading experience. Everyone will love the cute CupcakeKittens and the great adventure they went on.

What I didn’t like like was the evil Katers. I’m pleased they were despatched with sticky lollypops, and rainbow shots during the battle.

Alexia Kanta has a great imagination and I’m told she did all the illustrations herself. She is twelve, and this is already her second book. I see great things for this young lady.

All those children who enjoy adventures with cute animals are going to love this story. I highly recommend it for you and your child.


A crazy scientist has a great idea to invent cats with cupcakes on their heads. He kept one for himself and then put the others in a space ship, so they can explore space and the planets. They happened to choose Yoota as their new home. When they landed, they met the Katers and then the fun begins.

This book is free to download on 16th and 17th of April.

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