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A War Time Story to Tear Up Your Heart. The Girls In The Attic by Marius Gabriel

Julie Northup, my friend and colleague at Norns Triad Publishing, one day said she was going off to read. I asked what she was reading and she replied The Girls in The Attic.

I remembered a book from many years ago called Flowers in the Attic and thought it may have been connected.

‘No,’ she said. ‘This is set in World War Two, and about Jewish girls being hidden in an attic. It’s hard to read at times.’

That was enough to intrigue me. It had been a long time since I read a book based in the war years.

To my delight it was in Kindle Unlimited, but not only that, the Audible book came free. I’ve never seen that before, and was thrilled.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the book has over 10k reviews, therefore a best seller.

Marius Gabriel has written several books, and the publisher is an imprint from Amazon Publishing, so maybe he is a famous and successful author. That means I can add that tag to this post. Something I don’t get to do that often.

When an author has a big company behind them, they have the best editors and proof readers. I didn’t find one error. Put those together with a talented writer, then you are definitely onto a winner. The storytelling is ingenious because it sent me on an emotional journey. That’s exactly what a book should do.

I moved between listening to the book and reading it. Often I will have Alexa read to me, but having proper narration makes a huge difference.

It was hard to read in parts, although, I’ve read worse, except this had truth behind it. It’s a story of those trapped in Germany towards the end of the war. Their fight for survival, the atrocities they witnessed, and how the bitter cold was their constant companion.

A heart wrenching, absorbing story, that is a brilliant read. Once I started, I couldn’t leave it alone until I’d reached the very end.

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