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Karen J. Mossman is my lovely Guest Author

I appear on the blog of Jane Risdon with an interview. I hope you enjoy reading more about The Killer on Heath. Have you read it yet?

Jane Risdon

I am so happy to host Karen J Mossman on my blog. She is a prolific author and blogger, and someone who is always helpful to other authors.

Karen J Mossman

Welcome, Karen.

A woman is dead, and another is missing. The only person who can save her is Cassie.
With no clues and time running out, her brother, Detective Newbold, desperately needs her help. He is counting on Cassie’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities to locate Chantelle.

When Chantelle’s brother, Pedro, seeks out a psychic for help, he meets and falls for Cassie. Though he wants answers, neither Cassie nor Detective Newbold can give any, which complicates their relationship. To make matters worse, his overbearing mother adds further damage with her meddling.

Meanwhile, the killer has been caught, but he refuses to talk. Now, it’s up to Cassie to read the signs and rescue her lover’s sister.

Will she find…

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