Priory by Becky Wright

Karen’s Magic Review

This book is so full of atmosphere you will feel that you are there. In fact, you will shudder with the characters especially when you realise what is going on.

I looked for a book that would give me something more than just reading the words. I needed to experience the story and to feel the author’s passion. I wanted a book that would come alive in my hands.

I chose Becky Wright because she is also an editor. She understands how words need to be shown and not just told.

‘Have you ever touched the wood of an old door, stepped into the cool shadows of a timeworn hallway, and sensed them – those who were here before you?’

As soon as I read that, I knew I was off to a great start. This is what I wanted. The author has a wonderful way of painting a description that you can identify with. There is only one other author that I know of who does that too, – J.M. Northup

Those are the kind of phrases you want to quote in social media posts.

A well written book that will be sure to get you in the mood for Halloween.

I’m going to share some more quotes to because they are too good not to.

Memories are like ghosts. They linger in doorways, whisper with the howling wind when lightning strikes. They are the dark phantoms of my youth. My mind buried my memories for good reason, and I spent forty years believing I could escape them.

Until with one phone call, I found myself in my childhood home: Hardacre Priory.

I knew from the first step through the door that it

was all over. The forgotten events of 1979 leapt to the surface and screamed their truths. Everything I thought to be true was a lie.

Entering those halls was an open invitation… Not for me, but for every ill wish, vengeful thought, and dark deed that ever existed.

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