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Alien Vision Announces The Release of Return to Alpha: A new Saga Begins Audiobook.

In this stand-alone addition to the Beta-Earth Chronicles, join an entirely new cast of characters as they escape human persecution across the former United States in a surprising and deadly chase. Who will give them shelter and protection from a frightened planet? Narrated by the amazing talent of Edward Bloxam.

“Return To Alpha has a rather clear message for humanity. and good messengers to deliver it. the message is especially relevant and poignant in our post-pandemic, deeply divided current reality. I enjoyed reading the book and I recommend it to anyone who like science fiction with more than just the science and more than just the fiction.”

Dan Bar Hava

“What was meant to be a ‘coming home’ of sorts for the ‘aliens’ soon turns into a dangerous and dramatic cross country chase. And so, the adventure begins.
This is an original story, with an interesting plot and quirky characters. The story opens up the possibility of parallel worlds, a multi-verse where there are several “earths’- which is an intriguing concept.”

Amazon reviewer

“Wesley Britton is a new author to me, but he is quite brilliant. This book felt complex, but was well developed with a very original storyline. The characters you will come to love because they are very well written, and they exude such personality as you get to know them.”

Amazon Reviewer

I though the way the author created the story was really clever. He used a well known trope – aliens – and successfully put his own spin on it. It felt fresh and interesting and was really easy to get into. I thought all the characters were well done. They each added different things to the story and just enhanced the reading.”

Amazon Reviewer

What makes this novel different to the others?

In 2040, a spaceship lands in Jamaica with six aliens aboard—two from Beta-Earth, four from Cerapin-Earth Four of the aliens have the same father, “The Blind Alien” from our planet, Alpha-Earth.

Twenty years in the future, the aliens will encounter a planet decimated by the effects of global warming and the devastating waves of weaponized plagues released by the Everlasting Caliphate, the largest network of Islamic terrorists ever assembled.  After decades of all this destruction, how will Alpha-Earth react to the news we are not alone and that other earths worship other gods unknown on our planet? How can we repress the news even after hundreds of Jamaicans share videos of the historic landing all over the world?

How can the aliens find a place for themselves when they become hunted fugitives on the run in the American wilderness? 

About Wesley Britton

Dr. Wesley Britton is the author of four non-fiction books, Spy Television (2003), Beyond Bond: Spies in Fiction and Film (2005), Onscreen and Undercover: The Ultimate Book of Movie Espionage (2006), and The Encyclopedia of TV Spies (2009).

Starting in fall 2015, his science fiction/ mystery/ espionage series, The Beta-Earth Chronicles debuted with the ground-breaking The Blind Alien. Throughout 2016 to 2019, four sequels followed including The Blood of Balnakin, When War Returns, A Throne for an Alien and  The Third Earth. Alpha Tales was his first collection of Beta-Earth short stories, then came Behind Alien Lines. Now he has one more collection to publish.
 Return To Alpha: A New Sage Begins is a stand-alone novel and his latest release. Return To Alpha is his first audiobook.

Britton earned his doctorate in American Literature at the University of North Texas in 1990. From 2007 to 2015, he was co-host of online radio’s “Dave White Presents” broadcast over For DWP, Wesley contributed interviews with authors, musicians, actors, and many entertainment insiders.
Wesley taught English at Harrisburg Area Community College until his retirement in 2016. Blind due to the progressive genetic disease retiniteous pigmentosa. Wesley served on the Board of Directors for Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania for 14 years. He has been writing book reviews for sites like and for many years.


Blind Alien received the award of Recommended Read of 2000 by Author Shout

Alpha Tales 2044 also won recommended read of 2021 by Author Shout.

Return To Alpha: A New Saga Begins audiobook

Released September 14th, 2021.

Published by ACX

Narrated by Edward Bloxam

The novel in E-book format is available on Amazon for a limited time at just 99c. If you buy the eBook you can get the audiobook for just $9.26

Get the offer here!

The novel is available in paperback on Lulu and will soon be distributed by Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online stores.

If you would like a review copy of the novel or would like to interview Wesley Britton, please contact;

Karina Kantas Publicist/PA


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