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No books For Sale Here

Well, that’s not strictly true. I do have a couple still available. I took all of mine offline this year because I got a new editor, and realised I needed to rewrite every single one. Not a quick or easy task. I reckon it will take me a couple of years to do them all.

Meanwhile, I have been working with Julie, my editor on The Killer on the Heath, which I have been doing for the last few months. However, we found a plot error, and it needed a rewrite. Then I discovered some telling that really needed showing. So, overall I’ve just added another 1500 words. At the moment it is standing at 27K. Not bad considering it the original novella was just 9K.

Meanwhile, Distant Time is a published novella and I’m also trying to rewrite this one my own just to get it back up to make it a read better. I’ve no desire to increase the word count of around 8K, but it just needs a little work to round off the edges.

To do this, I read it on my kindle and make notations by highlighting the phrase or word I need to change. I then open the file on my computer and do all the changes before sending it back to my kindle to read again.

I’m on the fourth round – every-time I re-read it, I find something else I’m not happy with. I know it is still not right, and currently it sits on my Kindle for a fifth time. This I’m sure will be ongoing till next month.

Finally, I’m been writing a follow up to this, currently named Toxic 2, with Karina Kantas, whom I wrote the original with. We’re almost there in completing the first draft, she has a scene to write and I just have to do a wedding scene. I’m struggling to find the time, and must do it before the end of the month. Then we will virtually meet again to discuss the final chapter and rounding it off. Then the work begins to put it in order, with several rewrites to make the story complete.

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