Crime, Mystery

The Sticky Note Murders by Lynn Miclea

50 pages, Kindle Unlimited

Karen’s Magic Review

This is a short to the point story. A murder, an investigation, and an arrest. I liked how it kept strictly to the facts, the dialogue of the detectives, and of the investigation. There is not a word wasted in this tale.

Online dating can be fraught with problems and in The Sticky Note Murders it is no different as this is how the murderer selects his victims.

In my #picturestellingstories, I choose some photos that I think fit the story. In the first one the killer meets victims over a coffee and later they are found dead. He then moves back to the dating site to find another girl. Moving straight downwards to the noose, this is how he choses to kill the next victim. Then across the other side is when Detective Morelli, shown bottom right, arrests the perpetrator and directly below is the pink sticky note attached to one of the girls he kills.

This is a a quick and satisfying read.


Detective John Morelli is searching for the serial killer who is strangling and murdering innocent young women.

The murderer has left almost no evidence and no witnesses. The victims have nothing in common except for being young and blond.

There is just one clue left on each victim — a pink sticky note with a happy face drawn on it. 

With little else to go on, the detective is determined to find and stop the serial killer before any more young women are killed. 

A murder mystery. A short story.

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