Welcome to Strangely, Weekly Blog #4

The Magic of Stories is delighted to bring Welcome to Strangely, The Other World by Lynette Ferreira, as weekly series to my blog. You can find her at Fiction For The Soul on Facebook.

All instalments can be found at the bottom of #1

Seven years, Jenny. It’s been seven years since I last saw you, and tomorrow I am leaving to go to New York. That’s why I could not wait until tomorrow or next week to take you on a proper date. It had to be tonight.”

“When will you be back?” She did not want to sound desperate.

“I’m not. Well, not for a while.” She smiled, trying not to look sad. What did she expect anyway? She said, “Wow. New York. What are you going to do there?”

“I applied for this job on a fishing boat in Alaska. I’ve always wanted to go on a big adventure, and this adventure pays well. I’d be set up when I get back.”

“That sounds so exciting. Why New York, and not straight to Alaska?” “I found this company on-line and there’s a group of us, so we’re meeting there first. The company will be paying for our accommodation and our flights from New York to Alaska. I only have to pay to get from here to New York.”

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