Mystery, Romance

A Marriage of Convenience by Stevie Turner

Family life, mystery, romance, 151 words. eBook, paperback, audio book and in Kindle Unlimited

Pictures Telling Stories

The couple in the first picture are Gerrie and Sophie with their baby Junior. They were so happy then. The flashing blue lights of the police show that something goes horribly wrong in their lives. Gerrie is a musician and a rock concerts play a big part in this story. Corcovado Hill in Brazil is where the statue of Jesus Christ is. This comes up at the end of the story, where Gerrie and Sophie are staying at a rock star’s home by the beach. There is a party with tension!

Karen’s Magic Review

Looking for a short book to read, the cover and description caught my attention. I found A Marriage of Convenience on the website of Stevie Turner, realist, writer, reader and reviewer, and rocker, is how she described herself.

Immediately I liked the writing style and the characters. I’ve always had a penchant for stories with rock stars in them, so it appealed to me.

I had an idea of where the story would go, girl meets guy and falls in love.

Turns out I was wrong, which is a nice surprise. Gerrie turns out not to be the rock star of the book. At the beginning there is a mystery, that moves the story forward in a way I hadn’t imagined.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and satisfied with the happy ending I was unsure we would get.

The tension of Sophie jumped out at me, and could understand the hurt she felt. It almost brought a tear to my eyes. Let’s just say that forgiveness is a powerful thing.

The only thing that distracted me from the story slightly was the formatting. There were gaps between words and double spacing at the beginning of a chapter. But it wasn’t enough to put me off especially when a story is this good.


‘Would you marry someone simply to help them out of a dilemma?
This is what Sophie Woods, a university student, is about to do, a business arrangement, nothing more. But what happens afterwards is the stuff that dreams, and Hollywood movies are made of. Sophie, young and naïve, has never done anything risky before and has no idea of what fate awaits her.

Gerrie, a South African student, is an aspiring rock star with wealthy parents, who unfortunately don’t approve of his career choice. Gerrie wants to stay in England and the only way he can do that, is to get married.
Sophie falls in love with her new husband, but circumstances conspire to ruin their unexpected happiness and break both their hearts as well. The tension builds unbearably for them and their future outcome looks decidedly bleak.

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