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Prestige, Privilege & Murder by Christa Nardi

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I found this one on a Facebook group advertising a later book in a series of five. It intrigued me enough to go to Amazon to have a look.

I prefer to start with Book One in a series, even if its states they are standalone. Because there are two types of standalone books. Those with the same character, and those where a secondary characters become thr main ones.

At 187 pages it appealed to me as I prefer a shorter read than one which takes weeks to read.

As in the original book thats drew me, the blurb for Prestige, Privelege and Murder was equally as appealing. Plus, it was in Kindle Unlimited.

What a great start to a series. I really enjoyed the introduction to the main character, Stacie Maroni, I even liked her name. She was not a sleuth at this stage. I would imagine it happens in book two and beyond. Another reason why you should read book one. I liked the background of the character and how she came to do what she does.

Overall, the story was very entertaining. It was full of intrigue with a likeable main character, as not all of them are. She volunteered for counselling at women’s refuge and a pet centre, which added further interest to the story and this is where I could see the intrigue coming in future books.

However, what I didn’t like was Stacie deciding someone was rude or angry, where I read nothing to indicate that. That, along with proof reading issues threw me out of the story more than once.

Overall, this was a great story and will appeal to both those who love series and mysteries, with a great lead character.

The Blurb

A divorce decree is made null and void by murder.

Stacie Maroni, HR specialist and trauma counselor, isn’t prepared for the murder of her estranged husband. His death and custody of their Maltese, Jasper, barely sink in and someone is after her. Her in-laws and her husband’s law firm strive to keep up the pretense that all is above reproach and idyllic.

As she goes through her husband’s effects, Stacie discovers possible motives for his murder. Unfortunately, neither she nor the police know why someone is after her. Whatever the true motive may be, it soon becomes clear that Stacie might be the next victim.

Can she sort it out with Jasper by her side? Mystery with a side of romance and new beginnings.

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