Fantasy, science Fiction

The Revenge of Excalibur

Occult UFOs, Authorian Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure 195 pages

Pictures Telling Stories

The beautiful girl in the first picture is Pamela, the main protagonist in the story. She is also the daughter of Arthur, who appeared in the first book, The Secret of the Excalibur, which was reviewed on here. Because of the adventures in another world and the things that she goes through, she gets a silver streak in her hair.

The second picture shows a UFO, something Pamela has never seen before but will see a lot of them at the book progresses. She will also get to know the creatures that live inside them and the author does a wonderful job with descriptions.

The third picture is Cal, although he goes through a few name changes, before Pamela decides that it the one that will suit him the best. She instantly attracted to him from the moment she met, and together they ride the adventure through the book.

The building is a an imposing prison where Pamela and Cal must make a daring rescue. Her father and his wife are held their in this barbaric place. In order to get to them and rescue everyone they can, they have to get through the imposing guards first.

The dark clouds are an entity called Shallits that aliens have been afraid of for many hundreds of years. It is only when Cal comes along can they reconcile and understand each other. This pictures represents a part of the book when they descend on the land with bolts of lighting sending terror throughout the world.

Karen’s Magic Review

This story is an adventure for all science fiction lovers. Pamela, the main character is very likeable. It begins a number of years into the future, when Arthur’s daughter has grown up. She has inherited all of his powers and her biggest wish in life is to meet her father whom she knows is somewhere beyond the stars.

He is now a king amongst his people after having married their queen, but when both get kidnapped, the people must sought out his daughter, Pamela. She is the only one who can help with the rescue.

When Cal is released from his prison by Pamela on the people’s instruction, not only does his charm overwhelm her, but she falls in love with him. Together they embark on freeing all those that are held in the prison that enjoys tormenting and torturing it’s prisoners.

There is plenty to like about this book as we visit alien planets and meet species that are beyond imagination. Many are good but just as many are bad as well.

I think my favourite part was the Weesa ship. Without giving too much away, when a person dies, their mind is incorporated into the ships memory banks. They are able to appear on a screen and talk to who ever is in the ship. It really sparked my imagination as the possibilities of this are endless. Indeed, the author makes full use of them, too.

If enjoy an adventure through the stars, this book is definitely for you.


Her father had superpowers . . .

Pamela does too . . .

And life ain’t easy.

A self-imposed outcast, Pamela struggles with her psychic abilities. She yearns to be herself without jealousy or fear from her friends or acquaintances.

How did her father cope with his powers? Pamela will never know, as twenty-seven years ago Arthur disappeared with the alien woman he found in the cavern under Lake George.

But, lately, Pamela has dreamt her father is in danger. Her mother concurs. Now, she wants Pamela to go find her father. Is her mum crazy? Pamela doesn’t know anything about other planets. What if she gets killed?
Then, a mysterious spaceship appears with a plea for help. Their King and Queen have been imprisoned in a horrible place. The king happens to be Pamela’s missing father.

The catch?

To free her father, the evil entity in Excalibur must be released. And only Pamela can do it.
All her life, Pamela heard the terrible tales about what would happen if the Shalit were released. Every planet, every lifeform would perish. Suddenly, she’s faced with the biggest decision of her life.

Can she trust the Shalit to help rescue her father? How will she stop it from exacting revenge on the Universe and everyone she loves?

This action-packed, urban fantasy, sci-fi adventure can be read as a stand-alone novel.
Get your copy today. Also, available through Kindle Unlimited.


The Revenge of Excalibur is an ADULT ADVENTURE and not suitable for young readers or people offended by sex and violence.

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