Erotica, Romance

Drive by – written by Audrina Lane

Cara had been writing romance since before the break-up of her relationship at college. Although only fairly successful, a chance encounter on her way home from a Book Signing was just what she needed.

Ewan had seen the blond beauty in her red Jaguar F-Type as he drove home from what had turned out to be a career changing day. He could still scarcely believe that he was the Super Bike World

Champion but all that fled from his mind when he spotted her. He tried to forget her as they parted ways on the road, but it didn’t work and he had turned around hoping to chase her down. Seeing her parked in a lay-by was just the opportunity he needed to take the plunge.

However, both Cara and Ewan left their lay-by liaison only knowing each other’s first name. The next morning Cara had the advantage of seeing the sports news, but could she take the risk of getting back in touch with him? Would her fears from the past come back to haunt her? Was she just a brief distraction after an adrenaline fuelled day? 

Find out how things play out between Cara and Ewan, with a little help from both of their friends Tania and Grayson.

Karen’s Magic Review

I was very privileged to have read this story before it was published.

Last year 2019, Audrina put out challenge to write a hot romance that involved F1 racing or motor bike racing. I took up the challenge, even though I wasn’t a fan and knew nothing about either of them. The result was The The Ghost on the Stairs.

Audrina wrote a short story, which was this one but a larger smaller. I read, and enjoyed it and even now cannot remember how it ended. However, she obviously enjoyed it herself too, because she has turned it into an Electric Eclectic novelette for everyone to enjoy.

Ewan is a Super Race Biker, and Cara is an author. They have a chance encounter by the roadside and afterwards both drive off. Neither could forget the other.

This story is hot steamy romance and it has everything twist and turn you need to make it into a great read. I loved the back stories and the secondary characters too. It is romance at its finest. Please give it a read and come back here to let me know what you thought of it. I would love to know!

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