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Author Interview About a Book – Chuck Kelly

Chuck Kelly

Legend of Otherland – Adventure Underground


The Legend of Otherland Book 2

On the enchanted planet of Otherland, thirteen-year-old Bunker Charles is forced by a one-inch tall Flooglebopper to return with him to the center of Otherland in his cobamole. There he is required to defend the diminutive mining community’s precious mangolite from the one-foot tall Bargolians, who plan to steal the mangolite to light their underground city. Bunker’s friend Gittel is captured by the High Priest of Bargolia while attempting to rescue him and forced to to fight against him in their defence. Can Bunker use diplomacy to reconcile the two sides and rescue Gittel?

Where did the idea for the story come from?

My artist friend was commissioned to sculpt a inch tall statue. I suggested and wrote a story to accompany the statue, Viola! Floogleboppers were born which eventually became the beginning of the Legend Of Otherland book series.

What is the book about?

Because of his size, Bunker is kidnapped by a one-inch tall gentleman who takes him to the center of Otherland to help with their war against the one-foot tall Bargolians. 

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. 

I am a real person. I live underground near the center of Otherland in a place called “Flooglebop.. I am a Flooglebopper.

Where are you located?

Long Beach, CA.

Which social media platform would you like us to send your readers to for you? 

Facebook or my Website

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