Children’s Stories

Bunky and Lulu by Cindi Handley Goodeaux, illustrated by Sanghamitra Dungupta

After growing bored with retirement from the circus, Bunky and Lulu look for jobs together. Warning: Elephants should NOT serve ice cream! Come join their adventures as they find the best place to use such unique talents!

Bunky was inspired by a real clown, and Lulu is real too. They are beautiful drawn by Sanghamitra who created these wonderfully colourful characters, to accompany Cindi’s story. Children will just fall in love with them.

November 11th sees the official launch of Bunky and Lulu. Come and join the author and the illustrator who will be there from 3pm (UTC time) to answer your questions and talk about the book and characters. Just press ‘Going’ and the event will appear in your Facebook newsfeed. I hope to see your there!

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