Children’s Stories

My Mummy is so Much Fun by Zack E. Sydney

★ Mummys can be so much fun! ★
They love their little ones to bits and are always ready to have a good time—whether it’s a learning situation or just being silly. 

Mummy’s will help you ride your bike through the neighbourhood or drive you to school, making each journey an adventure. 

Bathtime is far more fun with Mum. And bedtimes just aren’t the same without a story and a big hug goodnight from your superhero and best friend: ♥ Mummy! ♥

Karen’s Magic Review

I don’t normally review children’s books but I was looking around for books for my grandchildren. I have four under seven, their mum, my daughter is a super mum. She really is and I am in awe of her.

I saw this book and the colours and pictures attracted me. So I took a look inside and it could have been written for her. She does painting and cooking with them. She has them jumping all over her as they play all types of games. The eldest boy is into dinosaurs and they spot them on the way to school. This book was describing her life.

That’s when I thought it would be ideal for her two year old. He would get such a kick out of the pictures and be able to associate them with his mum. Ideal for his bedtime story.

All the way through the cartoon characters are charming and they just made me smile. I shall wrap it up for Christmas and I’m sure he will be delighted with it.

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