Tamsin by D. J. Cook, a review


Tamsin Cross has the world at her feet: she knows exactly what she wants and what to do to achieve it. 

All she has to do is graduate.

Everything is going according to plan, until a single phone call diminishes all hope of achieving her goals, leaving a devastating trail of destruction in her path. 

As her world continues to fall apart around her, Tamsin fights through the mess to piece her life back together, stubborn and unaware she can’t do it alone. 


Karen’s Magic Review

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. It is beautiful, isn’t it? When a book lures me in like this I immediately go the description, and if that grabs me, I will head over to Amazon. When I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited, it was a no brainer. I downloaded it immediately.

What I loved most of all is that it is set in Chester, the city I was born and lived for a while. It’s a beautiful Roman city with a real Roman wall that you can walk around.

Tamsin worked in one of the many bars and so it was very easy for me to imagine. In fact, the book is an easy read, nothing too complicated to think about. Just sit down, relax and absorb the words.

It is romantic, as she falls in love, and she has fun with her gay best friend – I loved him. What was even funnier is that this is the first book I’ve read after Lover Ever After. If you have been following that, several of the stories, me included all chose Liam as a character name. Guess what Tamsin’s gay friend was called. You’ve guessed it – Liam!

This is a debut novel from D. J. Cook and I was surprised to realised D. J. was a he. It certainly isn’t easy to write from male to female and the other way around. He captured Tamsin well, and he seemed to write from the heart, because it captured mine.

It’s particularly poignant if you have experienced grief, especially losing your Mum. It hits home quite hard, he had it spot on. The story certainly takes you on a roller coaster of a ride!

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