Lots of Fantastic Books to Share!

Looking for something to read? I am. Strangely for me, I cannot settle to find a book. I’ve searched my kindle and nothing jumps out at me. Just in my hour of need along comes an email full of free and discounted books from 1st until 15th September.

I’m sure to find something there as it says multi-genre, and having a quick scroll down the list, I saw books I have read and that delights me because I’ll enjoy looking at what else is there.

I’ve downloaded Storm of Love by Helen Susan Swift. An author I haven’t come across before but the description sounded good. And the best thing was it’s Kindle Unlimited, of which I have a membership.

A Prisoner Within is the featured book. I read that a while ago and it was one of the most gripping stories I’be read for a while. My own book, A Cry in the Night is there and can be downloaded for just a dollar, or a pound. If you wait till the 3rd September, you can download it for free or with a Kindle Unlimited membership. I’ll be sending you a blog post out for that in the next few days to tell you about it. I’ve also downloaded Storm Portal by Michael R. Stern because I’ve heard of it, and again with my unlimited membership. The Ninth Precinct by A. E Standfill, looks another good read and I’ve downloaded that one too.

I’m sure to find something to read now, and if you follow the link below, grab my books, and other, or two, three, whatever takes your fancy!

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