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Author Interview About a Book – Brian O’Hare

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Brian O’Hare

The Doom Murders

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Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are the victims linked? What is the connection between these killings, the bible, and a famous mediaeval painting of The Last Judgement?

The Doom Murders has been the recipient of three literary awards – The IDB Award in 2014; The New Apple Award, 2014, for Excellence in Independent Publishing; and the 2015 Readers’ Favourite International Book Awards (Bronze Medal Winner).

Where did the idea for the story come from?

I was reading a book about mediaeval art and came across a fifteenth century painting of The Last Judgement by Rogier van der Weyden. One segment of the painting showed the lost souls being tossed into the pit, their bodies twisted into grotesque shapes as they were falling.  I suddenly visualised a situation in which a detective comes across a series of killings where each dead body is twisted into one of these shapes. What would have caused the killer to do that?  This thought led to the writing of The Doom Murders.

Please summarize your book in 10 words. 

A psychopathic fundamentalist serial killer targets high-profile public figures.

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. 

Suddenly unnerved, he said in a voice that was unsteady and pitched higher than normal. “Uh … what’s this threat you were talking about?”

The man’s right hand, fingers rigid and extended, flashed forward like a rush of sudden wind, catching the politician on the side of the throat. The stricken man gagged and fell back, grabbing his throat as he struggled to find breath.

His assailant answered his question with a single word. “Me.”

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