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Author Interview, About a Book – Cindi Goodeaux

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When Cats Fly, Jellibean Adventures 3



Princess Jellibean and her best bird pal, Sydney, meet a magical new friend, The Great Miguel. The third book in the Jellibean Adventures series shows that a little magic, when mixed with friendship and fun, is all that’s needed to imagine fantastic possibilities!

Jellibean Adventures Series is about a rainbow-hued cat who, through her many adventures, shows how if you approach the matters in life that might not always be the happiest with a sense of wonder and positivity, there is normalcy and beauty in everything and everyone.

Where did the idea for the story come from?

When my son was little, he had a hard time using his imagination. He was very literal and serious for such a small child. This was strange to me since I’ve always had a big imagination. I would look for ways to prompt him to use it and understand how fun it can be. In this story, Jellibean has read the word but doesn’t fully understand its meaning. My son directly inspired this.

Please summarize your book in 10 words.

Magic, friendship, and fun can help you imagine fantastic things!

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes.

“Are you flying, Jellibean?” asked her friend

Where are you based?

Jacksonville, FL

Which social media platform would you like us to send your readers to for you?





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