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Rod Marinez

Who is the Gray Man?




Who Is The Gray Man?

He is a legend.  He is a mystery.  And he can only be seen by children. 

He is the Gray Man.

Ten year old ‘TJ’ is about to embark on a journey that no one in this small Florida town has ever taken – and lived. Strange things are going on and it all leads to one thing for TJ and his family: a one on one encounter with the most feared Urban Legend in town. Will he be the only person who has ever seen the Gray Man and lived?


Where did the idea for the story come from?

A friend of mine told me that her grandson had an imaginary friend he called the Gray Man. I thought, “Who’s The Gray Man?” and the title and story idea grew from there.

Please summarize your book in 10 words.

An urban legend resurfaces in a small Florida town

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes.

“… if you see the Gray man, you will surely die…” said the old man at the cemetery, “…but legend says that only children can see him. He will use a child to take his next victim which is usually someone in the child’s family.”

Where are you based?

Tampa, FL

Which social media platform would you like us to send your readers to for you?



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