Tales of the Siblings Not-So-Grim an Anthology

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Hollow Hills presents Tales of the Siblings Not-So-Grim, an anthology of fairy tale poetry and short stories. Various authors contributed fairy tale retellings, fun twists on popular fairy tales, or original fairy tale works for this collection. The stories in Tales may each have their own separate theme, but what they all have in common is magic.

Prepare yourself for compelling characters, tragedy, triumphs, fast-paced action, and more. Dive into the mystical, mythical worlds of sorcerers, dragons, and other magical creatures.

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“I loved reading this anthology! Each of the works took me out of the real world and into lands of enchantment, and I had a great time in every one. Whether I was dealing with a poem or a story, the characters were easy to envision and the worlds were easy to fall into, and I was sad to leave them. I especially wish there was more to “Storm-Spun,” and I can’t wait to see where “The Blacksmith’s Quest” goes! Five happy stars!”

~ Amazon Customer

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