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Karen’s Magic Review

I don’t usually review two books together but there is always a first time. I’ve read three  in the series and it occurred to me how easily I could end up reading them all, as they are exceptionally good. However, when I downloaded number three I found there sixteen in total! So it put me off a little, I wanted to read something else but may very well come back for another one.

The great thing about them is that they are quick reads and full of action. Sam has a case and so far solved each one. There is murder, mystery, suspense, and action – and a love interest. Loved them both; loved them all so far. They are a great series to get into. If you haven’t read my review of the first book, that’s here.

Sam is a private detective based in Cardiff, Wales – one of the reasons I enjoyed it. I had originally been expecting an American sleuth, so was pleased it was British and then discovered it was based in Wales, where I live, although Cardiff is at the bottom of the country and I’m at the top.

I have to say, it reminded me very much of Harry Bigham’s Fiona Griffiths stories. I absolutely adored those and ploughed through all six, and they were a lot bigger. It’s been three years since the last one (2017) and I’m still eagerly awaiting the next.

Fiona is in the police force. She is a bit of an odd ball, and very quirky. Sam has issues and is also quirky. They both talk about their father, wondering who he was. The writing style and the story lines are entirely different. I would highly recommend them both.

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