Build Your Tribe on Facebook by Slaven Vujic

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You’ve put in the endless hours of typing, coming up with complex characters and plot devices, and doing the research that gives your book shape, structure, and authority. In essence, your book is ready to be sent out there into the wide world of readership… but in order to make the kind of impact (and the kind of sales figures) your hard work deserves, it’s got to reach your target audience, and create the buzz it needs to succeed. In order to achieve this, and in order to gain the required momentum for stellar sales, you’re going to have to use all the tools at your disposal. Your first port of call? Facebook – the world’s busiest, most vibrant, and most populated social network.

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Karen’s Magic Review

If you are starting your writer’s journey and about to publish your first book, you may well wonder what is next. What do you do now, should you have a Facebook page? How do you promote your book, where and to whom?

This book answers all those questions and more. I’ve had my page for many years and have published many books. I’ve become a little complacent in what I post and even though I knew a lot of what Slaven Vujic says, I’d let things slip a little.  My ‘engaging posts’ are probably not that engaging, and asking questions  and posting things for interaction is something I know very well but again haven’t been doing much about it.

Your author page is your platform and where you showcase not just your books but yourself, and it was good to have a reminder of that.

An excellent book for all authors as the Indie world is forever changing and evolving, this little book will tell your everything you need to know.

A very useful and informative read.

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