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Silent Night by Sahara Foley

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I usually start off with a description except there isn’t one because I didn’t get it from Amazon and at the time of writing, it doesn’t appear to be for sale.

I came across it by accident and you know how every now and again you come across a little gem. Well, this is it.

I visited the author’s website and as I was reading, one of those annoying boxes dropped down and obscured my view. It invited me to join the newsletter with an offer of a free book. Being a sucker for a free book, I joined. She changes the free book, so it is a different one now.

I know of the author, have spoken to her, but never read any of her stories. They are mostly Science Fiction/Fantasy stories, books I tend to sreet away from as a rule.

On inpulse I filled in the details and was invited to download the free book. I didn’t even see the cover. It was a short read and having just finished two short reads on the run, decided to start on this one.

What a cracking story! I absolutely loved it!

It was set on a planet where people were forced to leave earth mainly because of terrorist attacks. Scientists had also discovered transportation. Now, if you’re not a fan of this genre your eyes are probably glazing over. But stop, keep reading!

The story is set in a bar and Deak is the bartender. Real people, real situations, and a message in the story that will resonate. (Deak’s Choice is currently the free book in her newsletter, so check it out here.)

Never give up hope.

Deak is in a deep depression and had let himself go, thus not seeing things as they really were. There are people who care for him, he just doesn’t recognise them. Just when we think we are going to see the last of him, something happens that changes his outlook on life.

Ah, it was just a great story, I loved it!  Hope is such. great word. Without hope, where would we be?

Sign up for the newsletter, and that really isn’t a bad thing. If her newsletters are anything like her blog posts, they will be worth it.


Books by Sahara Foley

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3 thoughts on “Silent Night by Sahara Foley”

  1. Om my!!! Thank you so much for this glowing review. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but I’ve been ghostwriting my late husband’s outlines he never had a chance to publish.
    But, this one. This one is all mine. I was asked to take part in a Christmas anthology several years ago. I never considered myself a writer, and still don’t. However, I really wanted to write one, and the story for Silent Night woke me up during the night. It’s my baby.
    Sadly, the muse hasn’t hit me since then.
    Anyway, thank you so much for reading my short story. 🙂


    1. I did know that but not to what extent. Didn’t realise your books are mostly his and admittedly not read any.
      But, so pleased I came across this and it turned out to be yours.
      Yes, subscriber magnets are good but its hard to give up a book to no reviews and to stand alone in the corner.
      Hope people see it, subscribe, and have the chance to read it.

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