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Half Rapter/Half Man – Meet Ka by Rick Stepp-Bolling

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Ka, half raptor and half man, must undertake three tests to become a member of the elite Icarian Squadron, flyers who dedicate themselves to the destruction of Summia and to an alliance with Imperiana. In order for him to succeed, he must first overcome his own fears, but in the process he discovers how Imperiana has manipulated the trials and Ka’s own emotional needs. Captain Harriman, under Imperial command, is ordered to make sure the fledgling flyers bow to Imperiana’s control. Will Ka be able to survive the trials and become an Icarian as his father was in the first war between Imperiana and Summia, or will his failure lead to disgrace and exile from the Rookery?


Ka swerved at the last minute hoping to avoid a humiliating landing on top of Commander Seron, but it was too late for that. His momentum carried him and Seron into a row of stinging nucrets, the only bushes able to survive the high altitude and severe winds. The recruits rushed to help the commander out of the scraggly shrubs.

“Eleven.” Seron waved the young flyers away as he found his footing and shook the nettles from his wings. He reached out his hand to Ka. “Son, don’t bother showing me your wingtips. I got a good taste of the Ugwana in your . . . your . . . well, I can’t exactly call it a landing . . . more of a collision.”

Accepting the commander’s hand, Ka extracted himself from the nucrets. “My apologies, Commander. I’ll do better next rotation.”

“I didn’t say anything about how you should get back here . . . only that you do it under the time limit. And you . . . you were a good deal under the time limit.” Seron put his arm around Ka as he led him back to precipice. “Were you trying to commit suicide in that dive? Never saw anyone reach the bottom faster . . . but at that speed . . . thought you said you were afraid of heights?”

“I am . . . I mean . . . I was.” Something inside him had been transformed. Ka looked over the edge and down to the Rookery. The panic was gone. His breakfast stayed in his stomach.

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Part of the Electric Eclectic brand of Books.


Icarian is an off shoot of Patch Man. I wanted to focus on one of the characters in Patch Man, so I chose Ka, the Icarian. I’ve done the same with another character, Ulan, only this time I created a full length book. In all so far, the Patch Man series has six books. The second book is due out by the end of August .

….Rick Stepp-Bolling

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 09.34.07A prophecy declares a small child will decide the victory between two countries paralyzed by war…

An old man sells magical patches on the ruined streets of Hagra-Dis when a small, one-armed girl begs him to fix her doll. An Imperial missile blast kills the little girl, Meesha, but Var patches her back to life, and they flee marauding storm troopers.

Imperial High Command unleashes Ulan, a formidable assassin and mystic who chases the Patch Man and his ragged band of followers through a labyrinth peopled with powerful beings and monsters. Both the pursued and pursuers find themselves in life or death situations when they encounter the Greeter, a mysterious being who controls the entrance to parallel worlds populating the labyrinth. It is in these domains they discover clues to end the war—with little Meesha as the secret key to ultimate victory and peace.

Published by Crimson Cloak Publishing  See Rick’s page where there is more information about him and his books.

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