Dangerous Times! play the Game by Karen J. Mossman

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This week I am featuring my book Play the Game.

It tells the story of Stella, and one of the things she does is to make and distribute sandwiches for the homeless. It was after one of these nightly treks that she meets Kelly as she takes refuge from the cold. He is at a function in the hotel and he presumes she is waiting for the lift.

However, during one of these nightly trips, Stella runs into trouble.

Wandering around dark places looking for people sleeping in doorways is dangerous and that’s when it happens.

Help comes from an unlikely source.




Tramp in darkness

‘Here you go,’ an arm shot out and a hand locked around my wrist. I squealed and tried to pull back but the grip was firm. A shadowy figure rose in front of me.
“Hello little girl,” said a voice as I tried to wrench my arm back again.  He was wearing a tatty black woollen coat with sleeves that were a too short revealing grimy hands. His hair was thick and matted, sticking up like a perm gone wrong. His beard was also matted and his wild eyes told me he was on something. I gasped, my heart racing, my mouth suddenly dry.
  “I eat little girls,” he said stepping out of the darkness as I stepped backwards.
  “Let go, please let go,” I whimpered, knowing he wasn’t going to.
  “Come with me, little precious.” He pulled me to the black shadows of an old building.
  “No, please. Stop! Let go! Let go!” My pleading fell on deaf ears.
  Out of the darkness came a voice. “Let her go.”
  Pivoting round, my captor growled, “Says who?”
  “Let her go,” the voice said again.
  There was a movement, and another voice joined him. “Leave her alone, we said.”
  “Oh yeah, two of you now. Wanna take me on, do you?”
   The man’s eyes lit up. “I’m up for a good fight.”
  Looking round wildly, I couldn’t see anything. I was so terrified, I sobbed.
  “There is more of us, than you,” said a different voice. It was then I became aware of shuffling around us, and although I couldn’t see anything, I knew a crowd was gathering.     Was I going to die?
  “Do you wanna take the chance, buddy?” a deep voice said somewhere to my right.
  There was a moment’s silence, and the grip loosened. Shadows danced around us and the voices became louder. Their tone was menacing. Was this my last day on earth?
  Suddenly, I was free! The mad man moved away. I couldn’t move, not sure who was surrounding me. I heard a scuffle to my right and spun round. Soft biffing sounds were followed by grunts. Breathing heavily, I didn’t know what to do, afraid to move.
  A voice close to my ear, said, “Go home food-lady.” I spun round to see the shadow of a man stepping away and didn’t need telling twice. I bolted dropping the rest of the sandwiches.


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