Fantasy, Thriller

The Amulet by Paul White

Cover.jpgGenre: Urban Fantasy


Marks life was on a downward spiral and he was wondering if it was worth carrying on.
On the way home one evening he found a small metal object in the grass.
That is when strange things started to happen.
Join Mark as his life changes in this ‘feel good’ tale of ancient magic in the modern world.


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Karen’s Magic Review

I loved reading books by Paul White because they really are an ecelectic mix of story lines. From full blown horror to and exciting thriller and now a story about good fortune. It’s about a man down on his luck when he finds an amulet. I was really hoping this story didn’t have a traditional twist at the end where everything goes wrong as it would have been ‘different’ to read something good for a change.

However, I’m not going to tell you whether it does or it doesn’t. I will tell you that it’s an enjoyable short tale. Ideal for a a lazy Sunday afternoon when you have an hour to spare. The author describes himself as a wordsmith and he is just that. A fastinating tale that you want to just keep reading to the end. So it is good that this story you can do just that in one sitting.

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