Final Harvest by Michael J Elliott

FinalHarvestCoverGenre: Horror


Final Harvest is the story of a very ancient tree that was once revered and worshipped. Legend says that it could grant your most fervent wish, provided, it is feed regularly with human offerings.

Charlie Figgins lives on the farm where the tree is situated. He has one wish above all others. This is his story, and those of the tree’s victims.

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Karen’s Review

You’ll not find me reading many horror books. In fact if you look through the archives, I haven’t reviewed any. This is different on two counts, it’s an Electric Eclectic book, which means it’s a novellas and it doesn’t take too long to read.

Michael J Elliot is the master of horror stories and he specialises in novellas. I have a read a couple and like his style, so when the opportunity came up to read his latest one about a tree from hell.

It was well written and each chapter drew me further in. I’m pleased to say it wasn’t blood and gore as some horror stories are, this was more more subtle. It was creepy with great charactisation. The chapters introduced new characters and the first one is Rowen, I liked him and was sorry he ended up as the first victim.

It was cleverly written with each chapter becoming more and more creepy. When the reader gueses whats going on, when a new character is introduced, you fear for them.

I think this story probably could go on to be a full book as more horrors are revealed. From now on, whenever I see a big tree, I’ll be giving it a wide berth!

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 18.38.41

Find our more about the authors’s other books here or on his website.

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