Fantasy, Young Adult/Teen

The Naive Princess by C. A. Keith

CoverGenre: Modern Day Fairy Tale


This is not your typical  Princess in a castle story. This is a story about Princess Beatrice, Bee for short.  Bee lived happily in a castle in Northern England but wanted to see what lie beyond the castle grounds.  Her parents filled her with the belief that people still rode in horse and carriages, in an era long ago.  What will happen when Bee realizes the world around her is not what she assumed?  What secrets will Bee uncover within the stone castle walls?

Electric Eclectic books are a great way to find new authors. These novellas are especially for people who love to read, but perhaps don’t have a lot of time. I read this in and eventing. Although creeped out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know I will be reading another Electric Eclectic book by this author.

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Karen’s Review

This is the first C A Keith book I’ve read and was really entertained. It’s a modern day fairy tale with a lot of magic in it. Bee is our main character and like all traditional fairy tales she lives in a castle with her parents. As they have chosen to live as recluses, she has no idea that she is really a Princess.

The adventure begins when Bee escapes and discovers the modern world; a world she didn’t know existed and it’s is amusing to see it through her eyes. All this is gradually revealed, and because you are looking at it from her point of view, the reader doesn’t always realise what they are seeing. What is unusual and interesting to Bee, is normal to us the gradual reveal makes it sound exciting. In a way, we see our own world with new eyes.

Bee seems to fall on her feet rather quickly, I thought, meeting only good people. Then I reminded myself this is a fairy tale. There is something satisfying reading good things as there is so many bad things out there. But, as with all good fairy tales, it’s never as they seem.

I was just sitting back revelling in a satisfying ending when the author adds a twist just before the last page.

Like all Electric Eclectic books, I read it in an afternoon, so it was perfect, and yes, I did love the ending, it was absolutely perfect for the book.



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