Gems of Freedom by The Sisterhood

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As a tribute to soldiers fighting for freedom all over the world, The Sisterhood brings you a special edition of the Gems of Sisterhood Series. Dedicated to those serving their countries in a military capacity, this book is chock full of stories about soldiers fighting for freedom!

Meet Neferure, a true-life historical figure who struggles with inequality in ancient Egypt. Meet a Native American CodeTalker in World War II, who brings her fighting skills to the foreground.

Step into a world of intrigue as Lurlei battles against stringent social expectations of her elven society. Read the story of an unnamed soldier fighting against an alien race: can they put aside their differences?

These stories and much, much more, await the reader inside the pages of Gems of Freedom.

What is the book about?

This book is dedicated to soldiers fighting for freedom around the world. Each story is different, but all set in the future with a female lead.

Is it a series?

Yes, this is book 3. The Sisterhood writes to a theme and of strong female protagonists. Gems of Strength is book 1 and Gems of Gratitude is book 2

Is it easy to read?

Fairly, if you don’t mind a few names that are not easy to pronounce bearing in mind it is set in the future.

Karen’s Magic Review

Although I contributed a story to this collection, I didn’t know anything about the others and was looking forward to reading them as I loved the previous series. I wasn’t disappointed!

One of the odd things I noticed was that I don’t use the term ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’ as an alternative to ‘he or she.’  In my story, I found I’d used that term and it was frequent in the other stories too. I’ve never picked up on it before, so was it a surprise at how often it was being used, almost as if we were all linked. However, I did feel that if it is overused it then seems to depersonalise the character a little.

VW Day by Alana Madden

Like you, I wondered what VW stood for, isn’t it a car? Far from it and the author was clever with her choice of title. This first story set the scene for all the stories and it was a great start for the strong female characters of the book.

Captain Goulding was newly promoted with her own army of women. She chooses her second in command and knowing the type of woman she wanted. There is then a great battle to be fought, – a fight of all fights, to overcome. It was a fight for victory that left me feeling euphoria. VW Day now has my utmost respect!

Alana Madden

Bettina’s Battle by Chrissy Moon

Bettina was first introduced to us in Gems of Strength and this second outing was just as thrilling, if not more so. This time around there is an absurd battle of wits with her husband. But is it that absurd? Weren’t these the same words uttered to our own women back in the early 1900s?

A really clever bit of writing by the author and despite Bettina’s harshness, I did like her. I’m sure this is not the last we will see of her.

Chrissy Moon

From Where I Come by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

I found this story instantly absorbing as the two female characters, one human, one alien find themselves trapped together during a battle. I couldn’t quite make out where they were, in a cellar of a collapsed building perhaps. They were in the dark and couldn’t see each other and there was a wall or door between them. Once they realised the other was there, they began to talk. It seems they weren’t so different after all. It was interesting to hear about their lives as they offered each other a little comfort. Then rescue arrives….. Another excellent story!

Elizabeth Newton

Invasion by Karen J Mossman

My story. When I heard the brief, I was a little wary. I knew nothing of soldiers or fighting or future worlds. I’d not written anything like that before, but as I am a mixed genre author and gave it a go. Sitting down with a blank piece of paper and a pen, I let my muse free. Two hours later, Invasion was born.


Silva by Kristy Wagner

The high standard of stories so far was going to be hard to beat as I began the next one. This story blew me away and I have to say it’s is my favourite in the book. I loved the concept and the way it was written.

Our heroine is a prisoner in a facility where experiments were done on the subjects. I won’t go into any detail as I don’t want to spoil it. This isn’t horror, it futuristic.  Our heroine has to escape and with the help of two others, she makes the dramatic move. I was on the edge of my seat, completely lost in the words as they fought their way out. And the ending!!! Wow! I’m still thinking about it now wondering who came through the door!

Kristy Wagner

Liberty by Markie Madden

Chelsea is making a trip of a lifetime to visit Egypt’s famous temple of Karnak. As she stands to look at the obelisk, she realises she has been there before – a long, long time ago. The story moves into the past to that of Neferure and her battle for her mother who is the Queen of Egypt. There are some that want to kill her and Neferure must not let that happen.

If you love ancient times then you will love this story as your walk through the temples of the ancient past.


Buccaneer’s Betrayal by A Styles

Lurlei Emberglory – what a great name that is – is summoned home by her mother. It is time she stopped her dallying with her ship and crew and come back, gets married and takes over the family business. A business that has made the family extremely wealthy.

A husband is chosen for her, one that Lurlei remembered from school as not a nice person. He learns of her distrust and holds her prisoner. Lurlei is a feisty girl and won’t confirm. She makes a plan and prepares to escape and rescue her ship’s crew. This starts the adventureas Lurlei discovers how evil her intended husband is!

A Styles




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