The Truth Will Out by Karen Mossman

Back in the 1990s, I watched a film called Blink with Madeline Stowe and Aiden Quinn. It was a thriller about a girl who is blind and witnesses a murder but has an eye defect which means she doesn’t quite see things in the same way.  I really liked this film and saw it several times over the years. It was the relationship that developed between the cop and his witness that caught my attention the most. For years this scenario played out in my mind until eventually, I started writing it down.

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The film relied on poetic licenses and I doubt the condition Stowe’s character suffered from exists. I loved the concept of it and knew I couldn’t rely on poetic license in the same way.

My story bears no resemblance to the film in any way, except the relationship between the cop and the witness. I did have to use a little poetic license, would a cop really take a witness into protection at his own apartment? Well, written correctly and as long as it is convincing, then yes, why not? Especially when it is crucial to the storyline.

I rewrote it several times trying to get it to work and eventually, last year it did. Once I began my magical muse went off in a different direction. There was never any Kelly in the original story until last year. It was always solely about Sarah, and, as I was in love with yoga at the time, I included that.

When a writer puts out a book, potentially hundreds of people could download it and the author waits with bated breath. If they are lucky they might get a few reviews, but without reviews, how do we know readers like it? Imagine you buy a gift for someone,  you want to know whether they like it and did you get right? If you hear nothing back, it leaves you in the middle of nowhere, do I carry on buying gifts for this person? So when a book goes out, you need feedback to be able to carry on.




Luckily, I did get feedback and want to share the latest reviews with you. It warms my heart to know people loved my work. What has surprised me most of all is that some have talked about the mental and physical abuse in the book. It was never meant to be about that, it was only meant to be a sideline to aid the story, but in the end turned out to be a major part.

on May 6, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Domestic Violence is a big issue in the world and it touches many lives every day. This book is scary and thrilling. It captured me and wouldn’t let me go. I wanted to see what would happen next with the characters in this book. I loved the cover of this book as well. Everything about and in this book kept me wanting to read more and see if all was better in the end. I was invested in each page and rooting for the ending to be good for everyone involved.
on April 2, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This was the most amazing suspense thriller I have read in a long time! It was so hard to put this down!! You can’t help but feel involved! Getting to know Kelly and wanting to protect her, was great! Being a survivor of domestic violence, I really felt this book! You will enjoy as much as I did!
A thriller that plays with your mind

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