Dystopian, Post Apocolyptic

Ghostwalker by Kristan Cannon

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Dystopian, Canadian fiction, 



… But this hardly means lost.

Derek Moss is alone and far behind the enemy lines controlled by Colonel Harnet. While he’s not lost–it’s hard to be lost when he’s managed to find his own, if old, backyard in Garson itself–he finds himself cut off from the Rangers of Walden and without allies as his own have presumed him dead. But he knows one thing Harnet doesn’t… and that’s how to win even when the odds are against him.

A Kingdom pressed on two sides.

The death of a Queen is never easy, but it’s twice as difficult to hold everything together as Regent when Marissa now has to deal with the slavers sensing an opening on her West… and the war with Harnet on her East. All she wants is a chance to breathe again–and to mourn the heavy losses the war to retake the Downtown Core have cost her new home…

… But time isn’t on anyone’s side.

Is it a Series?

Yes. Book 1 is After Oil, Book 2 is The Last Iron Horse and Book 3 is Between Silence and Fire. This is Book 4.

How easy is it to read?


Karen’s Magic Review

I don’t trend to read series, in fact, I have been doing my best to avoid them. The author gave me a copy of the first book to review, which I did and when she offered the second and third ones, I couldn’t say no. I read them in my own time and you will see from the Book Reviews section, I have read many books in between.

So when I finished my last book, this one popped up and I thought I would start it, but if I couldn’t get into the storyline, then I would push it to the back. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that it didn’t happen and I couldn’t stop reading it.

I found it to be the most absorbing of them all. I was now familiar with the characters and there are still a lot of them. I must admit at times it was hard remembering who as who.  But, having said that, they all play a vital role in the story and when I reached the end I found the author had listed them all. I really felt this should have been at the beginning as it would have been helpful knowing it was there.

By now our favourite character is Derek Moss, the Master Ranger. A man that grew into his role from that of an ordinary salesman before it went dark. For most of the story, everybody thinks he is dead, his wife is grieving and others found he constantly came into their thoughts.

We see how the new world is evolving and how battles are taking place as leaders want to claim territories. All the time we know their main nemesis, Harnet, is none other than Derek’s son.  It was interesting to see some of the main characters began to realise and of course, they are shocked by the revelation. I found myself looking forward to Derek finding out, too. For most of the story, he is desperately trying to reach home, the Kingdom of Waldren, and there were many obstacles on the way.

I couldn’t wait for him to present himself to all those who knew and loved him. As you would expect, things do not run as smoothly. I loved the end battle. Just when you think all will be well he finds his home has been taken over by another enemy.

Derek comes to the rescue with an exciting climax. I closed the last page and wanted more, I really did want more! I thoroughly enjoyed it and in the author’s note, she says there will be no more. I think there may well be another, maybe two, and if they are anything like this, then I’m first in the queue!

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