A Good Cause

By Karen J Mossman

“Ow!” shouted Drew, “That’s my kidney!”
Fiona climbed out of bed, “Come on, it’s time to get up.”
Drew groaned as he remembered. “It’s today, isn’t it?”
“Yes, my darling, it is. So up you get. And before you complain, think of Susie.”
“I know, I know,” he grumbled, throwing back the bed sheets.


The Village hall was set up for Fiona’s Beauty Box and her technicians Michelle and Fran. Three loungers placed together as Drew looked up to see a glum faced Kev and Steve arrive.
Kev shook his head dismally and Michelle saw him. “For Susie, remember?” She glanced towards the banner. “WAX FOR SUSIE.”
Steve pulled coins from his pocket and Fran laughed. “Don’t say it again. Whatever you’ve got in your pocket won’t save you now.”
“Put it in the bucket,” suggested Fiona grinning. “Especially as it’s annoying you so much.”

People filed in, dropping their £1 entry charge into bucket by the door.
Ten years old Timmy came in with his mum.
“It’s going to hurt,” he said, “I can’t wait!”
His mum smiled, “As your dad said, it’s a bit of magic.”

The clock clicked over to the designated hour and the three white faced men sat on their allotted loungers with their trouser legs rolled up to their knees.
Timmy was giggling. They looked so funny. He remembered his mum saying something about a baby’s bum as she tried to get his dad to kiss her leg. Ugh!
Fiona, Fran and Michelle each put cream down the shins of their green-faced partners.
“I think I’m going to be sick,” said Kev.
“Think of Susie,” said Steve, through gritted teeth.
“Aye,” said Drew as he shut his eyes and grimaced.
“Ready girls?” asked Fiona looking at the others.
“Ready” they each said, just as Kev quipped, “Not ready.”
Their screams could be heard as far down as the post office.

Afterwards a beaming Fiona thanked everyone for coming. “Waxing is now open for anyone to help Fran’s daughter in her quest to find something that we all take for granted. Our health.”
She looked over at the men and thanked them. “You’re a star, Drew, for taking part.”
Timmy looked at his mum. “She said star fruit.”
“You’re making up stories again, young man.”
Timmy couldn’t wait to tell his friends about a new initiation test for their gang. And she did say star fruit.

Written by Karen J Mossman, originally for a competition where the flash fiction had to contain the words Kidney, Wax and Star fruit.

I’d love to feature your flash fiction stories. Have a look at the guidelines here.


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