Where Did Your Heart Go? By Audrina Lane

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What is the book About?

It’s about first love and how raw and new it is. Stephanie and James love each other, but are torn apart and 24 years later, they have the chance to meet again.

Is It A Series?

Yes. It’s Book 1 of The Heart Trilogy. The others are Un-Break my Heart and Closer to the Heart

.How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Nice and easy to read.


Karen’s Magic Review

This is the story of single mum Stephanie ,whose daughter has just broken up with her boyfriend. To help ease the pain, Stephanie gives Charlotte her diary from 1988 about her own true love James, and their eventual break up.

Here we get two parallel stories, present day and the 80s. This is romance at its best and it is also a great way to roll back the clock and listen to the soundtracks of that year. The author, Audrina Lane, knows her music and it was great to sing along with the characters as they played the music.

What I liked best:

The music soundtrack to the book – I loved reliving the tunes from yesteryear. I also enjoyed their first sexual experiences. With so many books nowadays most people are experienced, so it is a nice change to be reminded of what those first sexual encounters were like.

The author also created a great day-to-day routine and I felt lulled into their family life, coming home each day and sorting out what to have for tea. It was also interesting meeting her friends from the 80s as youngsters and then again when they had grown up.


And The Rest:

Yes, is was a good story, well written and well well told. It you love just romance, then this is for you. For me, I like a bit of something else as well. By the time I came to the last third of the book, I found myself skimming pages as could predict what was coming. I felt the book went on a little too long – although with other books I skimmed to the end page. However I did read this right to the end, I couldn’t not, and I also couldn’t help reading the descriptions to the next two books as well.

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