Cover Story

by Karen J Mossman

When I had completed my first book in 2012, my editor suggested I change the name from its working title of Love and War. It was difficult to come up with something new and original, and I went with Star Struck. I had no idea how to find a cover and was thrilled when he suggested one for me. At this point I hadn’t got a title.

Draft Book Cover

However, as I discovered the world of the Indie Author, Markie Maddon, who is also a writer, said she would make a more appropriate one as this didn’t really much.

A friend who is a photographer had a great photograph of Salford Quays at night. I bought it from him and used it as the background. Markie found an illustration of a girl and put it together for me.

Star Struck Kindle


Joanna had very vibrant chestnut coloured hair, and although I liked the cover, the girl was never a suitable fit.  At the time, I didn’t know how or where to look for something different, so I went with it. I did notice, however, that when I ordered some print copies, she came out even more ginger!

In order to get my book more exposure, I employed a virtual assistant called Karina Kantas, She me a book trailer and teasers as well as promoting my book.  She asked me lots of questions to understand the story and come up with something to entice the readers to buy it.

One of the important questions she asked was how the front cover and title related to the story.

Originally, I wrote it spanning the 80s and 90s, and then decided it was too big, and split it into two books. The second part wasn’t out at this point. The published books was more about Joanna and her relationships and Karina was right. The cover didn’t relate well.  I needed yet another cover. This time one one that truly reflected the storyline. That was when I came across Ravensborn Covers Desiigner. I explained what I wanted and who Joanna was.

Using Andy Hatton of AMH Photography, who had provided the previous background for the book, made it a good place to start. Looking again through his collection, I found one of Chester Road in Stretford, Manchester at night and sent it to Anika at Ravensborn and the cover she produced was so perfect I will never have to change it again. Once I came up with the title, I knew I had it right at last.


Read more about the story here

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