Taking a Trip

by Karen J Mossman

One day I came home from work with a headache. As my husband and I were going out to our favourite Indian restaurant, I thought I’d better go to bed for an hour.

In the bathroom, I reached into the medicine cupboard and grabbed a couple of headache tablets before getting into bed.  Lying there felt pleasant after a busy day at work. I listened to the sounds outside as the night drew in.

The headache had gone when I woke up, but to be safe, I decided not to drink, volunteering to drive instead.  We had a lovely meal and when we finished; I felt fidgety. I put this down to eating too much and needing to get into my comfy clothes.

We walked back to the car, and I didn’t feel too well. I was suddenly cold too. I drove home feeling strange, almost disoriented. Perhaps I was coming down with something?

I was looking forward to the evening ahead. The second part of a programme I’d been following was on the television, and it was also the Celebrity Big Brother final.

On the settee, I felt chilly again and reached for a blanket.  Generally, I don’t doze in front of the television, but could feel sleep creeping up. I longed to close my eyes but knew if I did, I’d nod off and miss everything. So I fought it and got the twitches. Something pulsated in my neck and my legs jumped on their own for no reason.

I went up to the bathroom, feeling dizzy, and it was only when I sat there I remembered the two headache pills I’d taken earlier.

Opening the cupboard, I saw with horror they were not painkillers.

Last year we went to America and a guy from my husband’s work gave him some tablets, which he said his wife uses to help her sleep on long-haul flights. The label said extra strength, will cause drowsiness, do not drive or operate machinery!

Needless to say, they went straight into the bin.

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