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My Review of Infected Poppy Fields by Alathia Morgan

Not the Zombie Story You’d Expect!

This is the second book of the series. I knew I’d read it at some point even though the first one had so many errors it kept throwing me out of the story. But I loved the concept and the author is a good storyteller.

This one, although it has the occasional error, it wasn’t distracting at all. I really enjoyed it and marvelled how ingenious the author was with her storytelling. I need to also comment on the stunning cover. It’s vibrant and eye-catching and it’s only when you look closely you see what is actually is.

This is not a traditional Zombie story. By that I mean it’s not filled with the blood and gore you’d imagine. In fact, the plot is very clever as a German scientist unleashes a new weapon. Yes, you’ve guessed it – the infected. The World War is bad enough, but throw in the extra element and you have an exciting tale.

I enjoyed the personal stories of romance and greed and the research the author did was clear to see with her knowledge.

Those readers who want something different in their books will enjoy this one and likely the whole series.


When Joseph joined the Army, he never imagined his Uncle’s horror stories would become his reality.

As a doctor, I’ve always wanted to save lives. When the war erupts around me, I do the only thing I know to help minimize the casualties, I join the Army. I didn’t know what to expect and soon learn that the only thing you expect during time of war is the unexpected. 

Surrounded by warfare, I try to focus on my patients, but each battle brings more bloodied and broken men to my table. Although, I do everything I can to save them, too many lives are lost. During this time of bloodshed and fatalities, I can’t help but remember the stories my Uncle told of the night the Titanic went under, were they just stories? 

The only person keeping me sane, is Emma, a telephone operator that keep the troops connected. As a Hello Girl, whom I only know by her first name, she soon becomes the voice that calms me when I’m overwhelmed. Once the war is over I’d like to seek her out, but when the dead begins to rise, I realize the war has just begun.

This time it isn’t guns or bullets and that frighten me, it’s the stuff of nightmares and right now I’m living it. I am the only one that knows about this deadly weapon that has just been unleashed, but can I get word to the generals in time to stop history from repeating itself? 

Alathia Morgan will capture your attention from the first page, drawing you back in time as you journey through history and find that some parts of history were never written… until now.

***Historical Fiction with an interesting twist***

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