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My Review of a Grip of Terror

Karen’s Review

We are now back on the road with Cassie and Issac, with Nathan, her ex following them.

Cassie is sick and they have to take shelter in an abandoned house where Issac takes care of her the he can best. Then, the homeowners return.

It was everything I expected to read, and more, I loved it! What I didn’t like was Nathan. He is psychotic and unpredictable. He is also possessive about Cass and I really didn’t like him.

It’s a great read as Cassie’s relationship with Issac develops. They have to endure hardships and hurdles, made worse by the irritating Nathan.

I’m eager for them to get to their destination and of course to find out what happens next.


After the cataclysmic EMP attack, the nation grows darker and more dangerous…

Cass’s sickness is fast deteriorating, and with the temperatures plummeting she’ll only get worse. Exhausted and hungry, Isaac must continue the dangerous journey; his sick companion in his arms, and Daisy at his side. With each painful step he must continue the dangerous trek. If he doesn’t make it, Cass will die.

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