Thriller, Young Adult/Teen

Perpetual Midnight

Teen, Young Adult, Urban Paranormal Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, 216 pages, Kindle Unlimited.

Karen’s Review

I found this book while perusing Facebook. It was on a page called Fiction For The Soul. It’s a group of writers who offer a wide variety of stories.

The description appealed to me, and as it was also in Kindle Unlimited, I downloaded it.

Strangely, or maybe not, although the description grabbed me, the book was so much better. Immediately, I found myself enjoying it. The idea of a girl and her family entering the Witness Protection programme, and travelling from London, all the way to Australia was fascinating. Why? Would they settle? Or would they be found? After all, that’s what happens in books.

The story is told from the point of view of the daughter, whose new name is Zoey. She attends night school, and soon makes a group of friends. Only, two of them are not what they seem. One is the perpetuator and the other has a secret.

This is a fantasy book as well, so I’m not giving anything away by saying one of them is a vampire. Right from the start, I saw a similarity to Twilight, but that was okay because I loved the premise of that story. Very soon, that was forgotten as it went on its own course, building up to an exciting climax.

I felt this was an unassuming book, with a mediocre cover, and a fairly good description, but inside, there is hidden treasure in the form of a damn good storyline.


Ethan dreamed of a life no immortal should ever dare to dream.

Welcome to Australia, where unbeknownst to Zoey, vampires still hide in the dark.

Zoey and her parents have to move from London to Australia very quickly.

Her dad, it turns out, was the accountant for a mob boss until he grew a conscience and turned state witness.

Now they are in the Witness Protection Programme.

To keep their secret, she has to go to night school and here she crosses paths with Ethan, a terrifying monster, who introduces her to a hidden world riddled with even more secrets than her own.

She could not help it really when it was love at first sight the moment she saw Ethan, a dangerous vampire, but, then again, tales of vampires are fantasy – aren’t they?

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