Crime, Mystery

Murder at Your Zoom Party

This Christmas is going to be very different and one thing there will be more of, is Zoom parties. These are virtual meetings for people who can’t see each other due to the pandemic.

It is a great time for playing games and this book is exactly what you need for something different this year. How about a Who Done it?

One person who has the book reads the story, and the others discuss it and offer solutions. This book is also in Kindle Unlimited.

Several crimes have been committed….Can you solve them before reading the solution?


Roberta Reed, a snoopy newspaper reporter, Mark Dolermain, a lawyer with a specialized government agency, Janie Jason, a student studying to be a detective, Marty Sparrow, a security guard and owner of The solve-it Detective agency and A.R., a professional homicide detective. They are investigating several crimes and you are invited to join their investigation.


A salsa class, a family reunion, an embassy party, a corporate meeting, a bingo game,a luxurious condominium and on a beach.

Who stabbed celebrity Chef Claude Briand, who poisoned TV soap opera star Paula Brent … who shot CEO of the Crumpert Cookie company William Blakley, who strangled Jill, the talented, ambitious dancer? These are just a few of the many crimes to investigate.. You have all the information necessary; try to solve the crimes before reading the solution on the next page.

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