Looking into the Abyss, an anthology

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Looking into the Abyss is an eclectic collection of short stories written by eleven authors from around the globe.

They have joined together to help raise awareness of the plight the Rhinoceros face as they are inexorably edged towards total annihilation.

Buy buying a copy of this book, you can join us in supporting the few remaining Rhino’s as they are Looking into the Abyss of extinction.

Thank you

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Karen’s Magic Reviews

I’ve wanted to read this book for a long time, probably since it was released in 2016. I finally got around to buying a copy and was surprised to find several authors I knew, although had I bought it back when it came out, I wouldn’t have known them.

Short stories collections are a great way of finding new authors. I love reading collections, they are so diverse. These weren’t all about the rhino, which I expected, they were a mix, some had the theme, and a couple were science fiction.

They were all very enjoyable and as with most collections, some more than others and some you can count as favourites.

Malfuntion by Stewart Bint – this captured my imagintion. A science fiction story of a future where teleporting is possible. It was clever, and one that could (or maybe is) be a full novel.

Tattoo by Michael R Stern took the favourite badge. An absorbing story line that read  like a political thriller. Very clever, and I would imagine some element of truth in it, too.

Twenty Minutes by Lauren Hester – very clever indeed. A story told backwards from the time of death. I’ve never read anything like that before.

Bad Cadet by Ian Williams was a story that had an hidden meaning I felt.  It was set in the future in a training school for pilots of space ships, and told from the instructor’s point of view. There is always one cadet that seems unteachable. This one interesting.

I have to take my hat off to Paul White, who put the books together. His story The Elephant, well, what can I say. I saw where this was going and it warmed the cockles of my heart, then the ending … it wasn’t meant to be funny, but I laughed out loud. All I can say is – what a wicked sense of humour the author has!!

The thing that surprised me more than anything, is when I went to write my review on Amazon, I wanted to check the others – there weren’t any! Not even on .com. This is such a shame and I urge you to review it if you have bought it, and to please read this great book and don’t forget to leave your review, I’d love to hear what you think!!


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